*Roll Sushi Combination Lunch (11:30a.m. tail 1:40p.m.)


Yam potato tempura Roll and

Your choice of one of the items listed below

         1)*Tacoma Roll                  Salmon, cream cheese & avocado          

         2)*Spicy Tuna Roll     Tuna, avocado & spicy sauce              

         3)Scorpion Roll            Shrimp Tempura, Jalapeno & miso sauce  
4)Puyallup Roll                BBQ eel, crab mix, avocado & cucumber 

         5)*Bonney Lake Roll    Salmon, avocado & tobiko            

         6)*Seattle Roll                Cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber, 
                                                                         mayonnaise Asparagus              
         7)Vegetable Roll  Avocado, cucumber, radish sprouts, inari Asparagus
           8)Salmon Skin Griled Salmon Skin, Cucumber, Radisf Sprouts, Mayonnaise, Smelt Roe
          9)Romania Roll Albacore, Avocado, Garlic, Tempura Bits, Mayonnaise, Smelt Roe
                                         * Following items not included on TOGO MENU - Miso Soup